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BMW of North America: Online Appointment Scheduling via Car!

At BMW of North America, we are always looking at how the use of technology can improve the lives of our customers

Your BMW or MINI needs a service? Experience the new 5 click appointment scheduling in-car! We are piloting a new feature that will change the way you book a service. The process is simple: Your vehicle will notify you when it needs a service! After that you can select your preferred date which is convenient to you. You will then receive an email to your Connected Drive Email Address from your selected Dealer as confirmation of your appointment.

Interested? How registration works

  • We are looking for owners of BMWs built from July 2016 or MINIs built from July 2018 and onwards, who are interested in benefitting from this service. If you would like to participate and have a vehicle mapped to a Connected Drive account, you can Register now
  • If you don’t have a Connected Drive account or a mapped vehicle: Please, click here.
  • Once you have finished the mapping of your vehicle, please come back to this website and Register here
  • Registration is possible until April 30th 2019.

If you have any questions please look at our "FAQs" or contact us directly:

What are we asking for?

Every feedback helps us to develop a service which fits the customers´ needs and makes life a little bit more comfortable. So please take your time (approx. 5 min.) after your booking and give us a short feedback here or use the Link in your confirmation mail.

We are looking forward to say HELLO to our Customer Pioneers!

Countries currently supported:

  • United States - TBD

Participating dealer:

  • TBD

Device, Vehicle and Location requirements:

  • BMWs built from July 2016 and onwards
  • MINIs built from July 2018 and onwards
  • Vehicles mapped and equipped with active ConnectedDrive Services(ConnectedDrive page)